GutterShed™ Completes A 5 Year Field Study of Their Breakthrough Gutter Cover, Preps for National Launch

July 10, 2018 (Lafayete, Indiana)- – GutterShed™, a Lafayette, Indiana designer and manufacturer of an innovative new gutter cover system, has just completed field testing of the product in four season climates for an extended five year test cycle.

The gutter cover was designed and perfected after dissatisfaction with other gutter protection options on the market, resulting in the ultimate GutterShed™ design which was tested over the last 5 years. The field testing period makes the company feel satisfied that the product is superior to other gutter covers, based on lack of damage to existing gutters during installation, easy install and removal, speed of installation, ease of access to gutters at any time, durability with quality materials and machining, and a high degree of effectiveness in keeping out leaves, needles and other debris that normally clog gutters. More information will be available in coming days. Homeowners who have been testing the GutterShed™ product during the last five years report not needing to hire gutter cleaning services, or clean out their gutters at all during that 5 year field test period.

The company plans to launch the product to the nation later this month. Interested homeowners, do-it-yourselfers and roofing and gutter contractors can explore the company website today at The company plans to begin selling nationally with a product launch later this month. They feel like their gutter cover solution fills a gap in the marketplace, and will help homeowners in treed areas solve the vexing problems of the high maintenance caused by clogged gutters and inadequate gutter cover options previously on the market.

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