Peace of Mind That Gutters Are Protected

“We are way past time when it is safe to get up on ladders to clean out gutters, but we have pine cones and large oaks that drop a lot of debris. We have found GutterShed to be a great solution to keep our gutters clean and flowing, and to do so while blending in exceptionally well with our older colonial-looking house. We liked that we could try GutterShed on the front part of our house, first. We tested how easy it was to install on straight sections and to easily cut away notches from where the steeply pitched roof joined with the portico roof. We are so pleased with how it looks. Now we plan to complete the house with the back gutters this Fall. We have found GutterShed to be a quality product – in fact the only gutter cover we have found to truly work. This gives us great peace of mind that we don’t have to bother with gutter cleaning ever again.” Ron and Marie Kidd, West Lafayette, Indiana